Hostings House

Beginning in 2007, Hostings House set before itself the goal of providing customer based web hosting services. There are countless web hosting companies in the market, all competing for your business, but very few truly put customer service first. The most common reason for this is the fact that companies try to offer hosting services beyond their resources, overburdening themselves and compromising the trust of clients. A company hosting tens of thousands of websites will usually overlook your interests and requirements. For them you are part of a crowd, not an individual with specific needs. However, Hostings House is an exception to the rule. We remember where we started from and remaining true to our roots we treat you as an individual client having distinct requirements. We invest our time and skill in your work with such determination and attention as if you were our very first client, because we don’t just want to have your business, we aspire to keep your business.

Our principal company team is comprised of 20 exceptional specialists in web design, computer technologies, marketing and advertising, who all look after the quality and reliability of our services. You can contact our client support team by phone, through live chat, via email and through our integrated ticketing system, and receive advice in a matter of minutes. We have noticed an increasing number of people questioning our pricing and asking how can we offer our hosting plans at these competitive price points & still maintain excellent customer service. The answer is simple and here is how Hostings House makes it possible.

As many of you may already know there are numerous companies, approximately 6000 of them in the USA alone, competing for your hosting business. The great majority of these companies does not even publish a phone number for one to call if they have questions or need assistance. How can you be a legitimate business, and not have a phone number for people to call? Unfortunately, 99.9% of the hosting companies operating today are either resellers of a larger hosting company, people who co-locate their equipment on someone else’s network, or worse, buy a dedicated server from an established hosting company and resell the bandwidth and disk storage at “come on” prices. The old adage you get what you pay for applies more than ever in the web hosting market.

We differ from all of the above because we are not a reseller, nor are we co-locating our equipment on someone else’s network. We maintain our own network and servers. As a result of having our own network, we buy bandwidth in bulk allowing us to offer our customers a generous amount of bandwidth and at competitive prices. As for the price of disk space, prices continue to fall and once again, we choose to pass on these savings to our clients.